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Boxing odds: Jake Paul opens as betting favorite over Ben Askren

It looks like Youtube celebrity Jake Paul has opened up as the betting favorite against former UFC fighter Ben Askren in a potential boxing bout.

BOXING: JAN 30 Miami Fight Night Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It appears as though March 28, 2021 will see Youtube star Jake Paul compete against former UFC/ONE fighter and Bellator champion, Ben Askren, in a boxing match. Who saw that one coming? After Paul brutally knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson earlier this month, betting odds surfaced for a next opponent for the YouTuber turned combat sports athlete, and Askren wasn’t even on the radar. Nonetheless, we now have betting odds for a freak show boxing bout between two people who are much better known for things that aren’t boxing.

Online gambling site has the 2-0 Paul opening up as the betting favorite against the 0-0 Askren. Jake started out with a moneyline of -200, but that has shifted slightly to the -190 mark. Currently, a $100 wager on Paul would payout $152.63. As for “Funky” Ben, the wrestling phenom began his betting life as a +160 underdog, and has since then settled down a bit to +155. A winning $100 bet on Askren would payout $255. The website stipulates that this must be a boxing match with a winner declared, and occur before June 30, 2021 for action.

This is a weird one for sure. We’ve seen Paul legitimately knock someone out, so there’s that. Askren’s wrestling is miles and miles ahead of Paul, and so are his MMA skills for that matter, but that amounts to zilch here. In fact, Askren’s standup has always been on the lower end of the MMA spectrum. Who could ever forget his abysmal spinning backfist against Demian Maia, or the time he made Jorge Masvidal famous by getting knocked out faster than anyone ever has in UFC history. It’s hard to see someone winning a boxing match by clinching the whole time, but it wouldn’t be far fetched if Askren tried, or even got DQ’d for such a thing.

Check out the betting odds for Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren, courtesy of

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