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Jake Paul parodies McGregor, Askren and others as he continues to troll MMA fighters

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Watch the YouTuber’s continued efforts to mock MMA personalities.

Jake Paul

From over-the-top callouts and insults, to drive-by water balloon and tissue roll attacks, Jake Paul has successfully drawn the ire of several fighters with his schtick lately. The Youtuber-turned-boxer obviously has no plans on stopping, and he has now released another video to continue his efforts to troll these MMA personalities.

In his latest clip, Paul spoofs the likes of Conor McGregor, Ben Askren, Dillon Danis, Dana White, Michael Bisping, and Dana White.

The 2-0 boxer has been calling out McGregor for a while, while the rest of the personalities parodied on the clip have had multiple interactions and responses to his gimmick.

Diaz responded to Paul’s insults towards McGregor, Danis constantly tweeted about the water balloon drive-by, and White weirdly even suggested an intergender bout against Amanda Nunes. Michael Bisping and Ben Askren, on the other hand, both wanted to have a boxing match against Paul, with the latter even publicly “accepting” and discussing a March 28 date.

The others haven’t issued a response as of this writing, but Bisping did take Paul’s impression of him pretty well.