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Tyron Woodley addresses rumors of UFC release: I ain’t going nowhere

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Tyron Woodley shoots down rumors of his UFC release.

UFC Fight Night: Woodley v Burns Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Rumors began to circulate earlier this week that Tyron Woodley had been cut from the UFC following a Snapchat story in which ‘T-Wood’ looked to have announced that he had been released.

Woodley quickly shut down those rumors on Wednesday, however, confirming that the Snapchat post was fake.

“This is cap,” Woodley posted on Instagram earlier today. “I never posted this. I never reported this and I would never have my phone on a 24h clock.

“All News ain’t real news. You reporters got my math. Hit my line if there is ever a discrepancy. Last comment on this.”

Woodley’s longtime manager, Malki Kawa, also confirmed that the rumors were fake.

“Tyron Woodley did not get cut,” Kawa Tweeted. “Not sure what’s on his snap, but he did not post that.”

It’s easy to see how those rumors started in light of the UFC’s recent decision to cut Yoel Romero and their plans to axe 60 fighters from the roster by the end of the year.

Woodley has dropped three straight fights to Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington but coach Duke Roufus has assured fans that the former UFC welterweight champion is ‘working on getting his motivation back’ and that ‘there’s no quit in him’.

“He’s really just working his way back up,” Roufus told MMA Fighting. “A lot of people don’t realize the change in—You hate to talk about money, but people who fist fight for a living, I did for 20 years, I understand these guys want more than normal people. The way it works when you are the champion you get paid X amount, then you go back to your normal pay and it’s definitely a change of attitude. I think it’s a little harder to stay motivated, I think it’s harder to become champion again in the UFC because it’s such a change of attitude and people who’ve been doing it, I tip my hat to them. It’s very hard.

“Tyron is working on getting his motivation back. You can say what you want about him, but there’s no quit in the man. I respect that a lot. Most people would give up after the tough days these guys see, but there’s no quit in Tyron and he’s optimistic about 2021 and he’s looking to turn it around.”