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UFC odds: Colby Covington astronomically favored over... LeBron James

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Check out the betting odds for an unlikely fight between UFC welterweight Colby Covington and NBA megastar LeBron James.

2020 NBA Finals - Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

After YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson in brutal fashion this past Saturday, polarizing UFC welterweight, Colby Covington, took right to Twitter to state that he would make NBA great LeBron James “eat the canvas in half the amount of time.” The UFC’s #1 ranked 170-pounder also doubled down on his belief that “NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet.”

Naturally, betting odds have surfaced for this impossible matchup.

Online gambling site has Covington opening up as a colossal -2500 betting favorite over the NBA star. That means a $100 bet on Colby would only win you a measly $4, plus your $100 back. Despite “King” James owning a substantial size and athletic advantage, he is understandably being offered up as a +800 betting underdog against the trained fighter. So, a $100 wager on LeBron would win you $800, plus your initial $100 back.

The chances of this fight happening are slim to none, but we have a few prop bets nonetheless. There’s an over/under for “Total punches landed by LeBron James” set at 1.5 punches. Both the “Over” and the “Under” props are available at a slightly favored cost of -120. There is also an exotic bet for “Will C. Covington defeat L. James in Round 1?” The odds have the “Yes” wager heavily favored here at -300, with the “No” bet on deck with a dog tag of +200.

**The website also states that this hypothetical matchup must be UFC rules and must occur before 1/01/2021 for action.

Check out the betting odds for Colby Covington vs. LeBron James, courtesy of

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