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UFC Vegas 17 results: Jose Aldo wins workmanlike decision over Marlon Vera

Jose Aldo just took a unanimous decision over Marlon Vera in the UFC Vegas 17 co-main event.

The UFC Vegas 17 co-main event took place in the bantamweight division and saw the promotion’s former featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, take a unanimous decision over the #15 ranked 135-pounder, Marlon Vera. Aldo landed some slick body shots on the feet, and spent the bulk of the final round on the back of Chito. This victory snaps a three-fight losing skid for Aldo, who used his post-fight interview to call out the suspended former bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw.

After a bit of back and forth on the feet, Vera closed the distance and clinched up with Aldo against the fence. Some clock was eaten up before Aldo spun out into open space. Aldo immediately started ripping to the body with hooks and straights. He was also feinting with the leg kick a bunch, causing Vera to react. The round closed out with the former featherweight champ landing a hard combo.

Aldo went right back to the body work in the second round. Vera was looking to work the lead leg of Aldo, but wasn’t really targeting the head very much. The body punches continued to be there for Aldo and he started checking the kicks of Chito. Vera clinched up a few times, hanging on his foe against the cage.

The fighters clinched up at the start of the round, but it was Aldo who took the back. The former featherweight king jumped up and put his hooks in, before breaking down the posture of Vera. Aldo controlled from the backpack position with the help of the body triangle. Vera managed to stand up to his feet with Aldo still attached to his back. He tried to slam the former champ, but Aldo was ready for it and remained in control.

Jose Aldo def. Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Bantamweight