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Video: Showtime shares Dillon Danis’ point of view during Jake Paul’s water balloon drive-by

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Here’s the other side of the Jake Paul-Dillon Danis water balloon drive-by.

Jake Paul Dillon Danis drive by

A few days ago, Jake Paul decided to amp up his self-fabricated rift with Conor McGregor by going after Dillon Danis. The YouTube boxer thought it would be fitting to hurl water balloons at Danis, who at the time was in the middle of an interview outside a building in Los Angeles.

Well, here’s the other side of that story. Danis was doing an interview for Brendan Schaub’s Food Truck Diaries segment on Showtime when Paul drove by. Danis did give chase as we all saw on the previous video, but he was apparently all smiles while doing so.

Danis went on to say that he would’ve jumped into the truck, but he “couldn’t get it.” Then Schaub goes on and says this:

“There was a lot of dudes in that truck. Thank god that didn’t happen. And if they would’ve jumped out, then I gotta get involved. I gotta dust off the old skill set…”

McGregor has been silent throughout this entire fiasco and has continued to do so, at least on social media.