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Jake Paul goes on tirade against Conor McGregor; Nate Diaz responds with warning

Jake Paul took to social media to insult and call out Conor McGregor.

Jake Paul has called out Conor McGregor again, but this time the YouTuber turned boxer went on an expletive-filled rant to insult the former UFC champion. In a video posted on social media, Paul also went off on “bald b—ch” Dana White and claimed to have sent a $50 million offer to McGregor.

“What the f—k is up, you Irish c—t? Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you’re probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now, or maybe you’re jacking off because you’re sick of f—king your wife. I mean, she’s a four, Conor. You could do a lot better. But happy Monday,” Paul said.

“My team sent you a $50 million offer this morning. $50 million contract with proof of funds, the biggest offer you’ve ever been offered, but you’re still scared to fight me, Conor. You’re ducking me because you don’t want to lose to a f—king YouTuber. You’re 0-1 as a boxer. I’m 2-0 as a boxer.

“I just came off the eighth biggest pay-per-view event in history, but you want to fight Dustin ‘Prober,’ who has less followers on Instagram than my f—king dog... That’s a fact.

“Dana White, you’re a pussy, too, you ugly, fucking bald bitch,” Paul said. “You said there’s zero percent chance of this fight happening, but there’s zero percent chance of you getting some f—king pussy. Conor, you’re scared. Dana, you’re scared. Sign the f—king contract, you idiots. Jesus f—king Christ. Irish b—ch. F—k these guys.”

The 23-year-old also showed details of his offer on Instagram, asking for an eight round boxing match at 185 lbs, and using 10 oz gloves. The letter of intent has Paul claiming to have “acquired backing for this event,” that will guarantee McGregor a $50 million purse plus a cut of the PPV revenue.

McGregor hasn’t publicly replied to the video as of this writing, but interestingly enough, it’s his former rival that has responded. Nate Diaz has seen the clip and gave Paul a bit of a warning.

Former UFC champ Cody Garbrandt also wasn’t a fan of Paul’s statements.

Paul of course, didn’t pass up the opportunity to respond and continue the exchange with Diaz. He brought up how he already sparred and beat up his teammate, BJJ champ and Bellator fighter AJ Agazarm.

It’s worth pointing out that Agazarm, a grappler, also easily beat up and submitted Paul on a separate sparring session a couple of years ago.

People may question Paul’s fighting ability, or his decision to intentionally cross the line and include even McGregor’s wife on the tirade, but the YouTuber seems to be getting what he wants out of this. He got high profile UFC personalities to respond, and his video has gotten well over 2 million views on Twitter alone as of this writing, with millions more on other platforms.

It definitely wasn’t classy at all, but for what it’s worth, Paul also cuts a far better promo than many UFC stars that think they can have a career in pro-wrestling (despite their cringeworthy gimmicks and props).