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UFC 256 scorecards: Judge gives Brandon Moreno a 10-9 tally for round five

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Here’s a look at the scorecards for UFC 256’s headliner between Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno.

UFC 256: Figueiredo v Moreno Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Elite flyweights Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno put on a show for fans on Saturday with a five-round barnburner. The bout ended in a majority draw as the “God of War” keeps the UFC flyweight belt around his waist.

One contributing factor to the verdict was the point deduction on Figueiredo in the third round because of the thudding groin shot he landed on Moreno. But another reason was the 10-9 score that judge Junichiro Kamijo had for the challenger in the fifth round.

Moreno showed significantly less activity in the final round compared to the previous four. Official stats had Figueiredo landing 16 significant strikes in the fifth round, compared to just eight for Moreno. The champion also finished the round strong with a takedown and landed on top, which should’ve earned him the leading tally. Had he scored it a 10-9 for the champion, we would’ve had a more definite result.

Here’s a snippet from our play-by-play.

Round 5 - Slower pace, finally. Head kick from Figueiredo. Another one. Moreno swings and misses. Figueiredo with a three-punch combo. He wildly swings and misses. Moreno isn’t throwing anything. Moreno’s left arm might be broken. It’s jacked up. Figueiredo is just walking forward with his hands down. Body kick from Figueiredo is caught, but he can’t do anything with it. Overhand right from Figgy. He jumps in with a left hook. Moreno’s offense has wilted. Finally he opens up to throw a counter but slips and misses. Figueiredo is piecing him up from the outside. Left hook from Moreno. Warrior. Jab from Figueiredo. Straight right from Moreno and he clinches up. Knees to the thigh from Moreno. They’re bot exhausted. Moreno looks for a takedown but Figueiredo throws him to the mat and drops two big shots. 10-9 Figueiredo, and I have it a 47-47 draw.

As promised by UFC president Dana White during the post-fight presser, we will be seeing a rematch in 2021.