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MMA fighter accused of trapping, starving and attempting to sell bobcat over Craigslist

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1-0 fighter suspected of trying to make $1,000 off a wild animal sale.

We Share Our Home With Two Bobcats
FILE PHOTO-A pet bobcat in Melissa, TX. Picture taken on September 23, 2018.
Photo credit should read Adam Gray / Barcroft Media via Getty Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

[CW: The following story describes alleged incidents of animal cruelty]

According to the Houston Chronicle Jovidon Sorbon, 33, has been arrested and charged with a misdemeanour cruelty to non-livestock animals. in connection to allegations that he trapped a wild bobcat and attempted to sell it on Craigslist for $1,000.

Investigators got wind of Sorbon after concerned individuals noticed someone was trying to sell a bobcat online. The Craigslist ad, allegedly set up by Sorbon, read that the bobcat was 8 months old and had been trapped when it was 3 months old. Tipsters contacted the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and a sting operation was set-up.

Authorities state that an undercover agent contacted Sorbon posing as an interested buyer and that when that agent asked Sorbon if he had the animal in his procession, Sorbon answered in the affirmative. Authorities further allege that Sorbon told the agent that the animal had never been to a vet.

An arrest warrant states that agents arranged to meet Sorbon at a Jack in the Box in Sugar Land. When Sorbon arrived at the location he was arrested. Reportedly, he claimed he did not know it was illegal to sell the animal.

Texas Park and Wildlife game wardens seized the bobcat and transported it to Houston SPCA’s wildlife division for medical care. Under examination it was determined that the animal had a severely broken toe, among other injuries. Experts claimed these injuries were consistent with trapping practices.

An X-ray revealed that the animal had also been shot resulting in injuries to its torso, right front leg and hind leg. Investigators do not know when the animal was shot or if this had any connection to the suspected trapping.

The bobcat is currently under the care of the Houston Society for Prevention to Cruelty to Animals.

Sorbon is listed as having a 1-0 pro record on Tapology. His lone pro fight was at FURY FC 37 in Denver, CO on September 28, 2019.

You can support the Houston SPCA with both one-time and monthly donations here.

Information on how to report animal cruelty in the United States can be found here on the Humane Society of the United States official website.