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Scott Coker ‘very excited’ to have Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson in Bellator

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“I’m looking forward to getting him in there and just start mixing it up and let these guys fight it out.”

Scott Coker can’t wait to see what Anthony Johnson is capable of under the Bellator banner, as the Bellator CEO feels ‘Rumble’ is one of the most exciting — and talented — fighters in the world.

Not only that but, since signing Johnson on Wednesday, Coker claims Bellator now has ‘the best 205-pound weight class on the planet’.

“I’m very excited to have him on board here,” Coker told MMA Junkie after the Bellator 254 weigh-ins. “Here’s this guy that always will bring it. I’ve never seen him in a boring fight. It’s been, what? Two or three years since he’s fought? I think we’re going to get a brand new A.J., but his fighting style is something I’ve always respected and really enjoyed watching.

“When you get a fighter like that, of that quality, with a lot of upside, (and) you put him in our 205-pound weight class, it’s the best 205-pound weight class on the planet. To me, he’s just going to add a lot of great fights in that division. I’m looking forward to getting him in there and just start mixing it up and let these guys fight it out.”

Coker is open to Johnson fighting at heavyweight but feels the UFC veteran is more comfortable at 205 pounds, based on recent pictures.

“I think if you see pictures of him recently, they said he’s going to be comfortable at 205,” Coker said. “If he wants to fight at heavyweight, we’ll give him that opportunity as well. I think at 205, we have some great matchups for him. We’re going to let them all ‘rumble’ it out.”

Coker didn’t give any details on Johnson’s debut but hinted that the 36-year-old knockout artist would need a couple of tune-up fights before he fights for the title.

“He’s probably going to want to fight a couple of fights because he hasn’t been fighting. To me, I think that (first there will be) a couple of fights. Then, the sky is the limit.”

Johnson has been inactive for the past three years but is still widely considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. The two-time UFC light heavyweight title challenger holds notable knockout victories over Alexander Gustafsson, Glover Teixeira, and current Bellator heavyweight champ Ryan Bader.