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Video: Women’s boxer Carly Holman brutally KO’s her opponent 28 seconds into the fight

Probably the most brutal KO you’ll see this year.

Screenshot from video

You can always find a fight knockout, but rarely will you find knockouts like this. Carly Holman, who fights in the light welterweight division, competed this weekend at the Sports Event Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The bout lasted just twenty-eight seconds, and it came against Rebeka Laws (who was making her debut), in a scheduled four round bout for Christy Martin Promotions. I debated whether to add the words ‘graphic’ to the title. It is, after all, a graphic knockout. Here’s another angle.

Laws walks straight into a right hand to begin the bout. The first knockdown makes everything look academic at that point, making one wonder whether Laws should be competing to begin with. With her head straight up, and arms outstretched, she gets blasted with the second punch and doesn’t get up from there as her head bounces off multiple targets, including the ropes and the canvas.

Just brutal.