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‘Tis but a flesh wound’ - Brahimaj releases statement after nearly severing ear at UFC Vegas 13

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Newcomer Ramiz Brahimaj is in high spirits even after nearly losing his left ear during his fight against Max Griffin on Saturday at UFC VEGAS 13.

Saturday night, UFC Vegas 13 didn’t exactly go well for the debuting Ramiz Brahimaj. After absorbing two hard groin shots from opponent Max Griffin, the 27-year-old welterweight also went home with one of the most gruesome injuries the sport has ever seen.

As you can see in this short clip, Brahimaj’s left ear was halfway through falling off after a hard elbow strike from Griffin in round three. Proceed at your own risk.

For such a horrific episode to go through, Brahimaj was pretty chipper after the fact. Here’s his post-fight Instagram post, describing his injury as a mere “flesh wound.”

Hello everyone! I am fine! Tis but a flesh wound . On a serious note congratulations to my opponent fought a great fight and am truly happy to share the cage with him and best of luck to him.

I will heal up, and get right back on track. From the soul I appreciate all the support I have gotten from all over!! Set backs are nothing new to me so they will only make me stronger. Much love y’all, see you soon. #alhamdulillahalways

The past year had been rough for Brahimaj in terms of his physical health. In June 2019, he was pulled off from his scheduled bout with Miguel Baeza after the UFC discovered an orbital tumor in his eye. It was eventually removed through surgery.