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Maia accepts Sanchez’s call out, Dan Hardy says Diego needs ‘psychological evaluation’

Demian Maia and Dan Hardy respond to Diego Sanchez’s bizarre tweets and call outs.

Diego Sanchez got released from the UFC and his coach/guru/manager Joshua Fabia is under fire again. Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Diego Sanchez went on a bizarre Twitter-spree recently, where the admittedly “buzzed” fighter weirdly called for “legends” bouts with numerous contenders and fellow veterans. While he also mentioned Conor McGregor and “Cowboy salami,” two other fighter he called out have since responded.

Demian Maia said he’s willing to face Sanchez.

Dan Hardy on the other hand, says Sanchez needs some “serious psychological evaluation” and took shots at his controversial coach after that strange call out. This is their exchange:

Apart from the call outs, Sanchez also sent several strange tweets in that short stretch, going from Lions to “Bill Cosby Jones” and “bots hired to kill my identity.” Here’s a few of those tweets:

“Wasss up family”
“My peeps follow my mission”
“F—k all you haters”
“I’m a lion roaring”


“I’m the real burque”
“Bill Cosby Jones gonna sue mee”
“For speaking truth”
“I’ll be living out my truck Jon bones Jones text me my truck is real I love my 05 avalanche”
“I love you all even you bots hired to kill my identity”

Sanchez, 38, lost a one-sided decision to Jake Matthews in his latest outing last September. Apart from Hardy, numerous other experts have also questioned his choice of coaching and mentorship, as the TUF 1 winner hasn’t exactly fought like himself in his last few outings.