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Nate Robinson tells fans ‘I’m OK’ after Jake Paul KO

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Former NBA player Nate Robinson was knockout on the undercard of Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

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This weekend Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. attempted to turn back the clock and put on an entertaining fight. The former world champions, whose combined age equals over 100 years, somewhat succeeded with a mildly interesting 8 rounds of hard sparring. The contest was ultimately ruled a draw.

Before Tyson and Jones threw down, former NBA star, and multiple times slam dunk champion, Nate Robinson made his combat sport debut. He took on YouTuber Jake Paul (who has one ‘pro’ bout under his belt). It did not go well for the former pro baller.

His fight with Paul lasted less than two minutes and featured Robinson charging in with no defense. He paid for that when Paul landed a counter punch that sent Robinson crashing to the canvas, seemingly out cold.

The 36-year-old was attended to by ringside physicians for a prolonged amount of time. Later, Robinson took to Instagram to give an update on his help.

“Thank you everyone for all the well wishes, I’m OK,” wrote Robinson.

“I appreciate [Triller] for the opportunity as well as everyone that has backed me during the fight,” continued Robinson. “To my coaches, trainers, fans, and teammates, I appreciate all of the time and support you guys put in with wasn’t the outcome that we wanted, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to fight on the biggest stage that there has been.”

After the fight Paul signaled an intent to continue boxing. The celebrity called a number of individuals, some of which are legitimate combat sports athletes. Maybe we’ll see how that goes.