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The Mookie & Crookie Show 94: UFC Vegas 12 recap, John Nash talks Khabib, Silva, boxing

Episode 94 discussion: UFC Vegas 12 review and John Nash sits in to discuss UFC and boxing lawsuites, financials and more

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Welcome to ‘The Mookie & Crookie Show’, a spinoff of ‘The Level Change Podcast’ that goes a little more in-depth on major combat sports news, as well as takes a humorous look at the crazy world of combat sports social media. The show is hosted by Mookie Alexander and Stephie Haynes and airs every Tuesday.

Here is a summary of the topics discussed or questions asked, complete with the time stamps for when each interview or special segment begins. As always, we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoyed recording it.


Weekend recap: Anderson Silva’s UFC career ends, Gervonta Davis has KO of the Year contender - 2:11


Updates on UFC anti-trust

Updates on Canelo suits

Are there other suits that we don’t know about?

Boxing had its first event with a crowd here in San Antonio this weekend. Are we getting ready to see more events with fans in attendance?

Boxing had a hell of a weekend with several major cards (Prograis, Davis, Inoue, Usyk). Are things looking up for boxing?

Eddie Hearn wanting to say he wants to bring the UFC model to boxing

Floyd Maywether and others complaining about the sanctioning organizations

Mannix and his guest Bishop saying B-sides need to make less in boxing

Any updates on DAZN’s situation? Are things looking up or still looking like they’re on life support?

Give us the skinny on the PFL. How bad are things over there? Do we see them come back in 2021?

Khabib’s “retirement” and implications if he actually retires (do you think he left a wealthy man?) vs. if he doesn’t retire (how much money is potentially on the table for Conor or GSP?)

Reported numbers for UFC 254 were 675K with 500K of them being domestic. Break down that number and the external factors (time of day, would it have been able to compete with Game 4 of the World Series and is that why they chose to hold it so early?)

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