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They said what?! Twitter reacts to Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr exhibition

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr went the full 16 minutes in the boxing ring on Saturday. Here’s how Twitter reacted.

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Well... the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr exhibition has come and gone. It had lofty expectations to live to after the total hilarity that was Nate Robinson running himself into Jake Paul’s right hand over and over until he got knocked out. Neither of these 50+ year old men got knocked out, as was one of the stipulations for this to be considered an exhibition, but that doesn’t mean they half-assed it.

Safe to say that Tyson looked in better shape than he did when he lost to Kevin McBride in his final pro fight 15 years ago. He was light on his feet and firing away some brutal body shots, with one noticeably hurting Jones in the fourth. Jones landed a nice left hand from the southpaw position in round six but it was pretty obvious that Tyson was easily the more effective fighter. Jones’ trademark reflexes and speed, which I may note came at much lighter weight classes, were predictably absent in this one. If you unofficially scored this then Mike clearly won, but two of the WBC’s three guest judges disagreed and this was unofficially ruled a draw. Maybe it was always meant to be that way. Vinny Pazienza ain’t meant to be a judge.

Nobody got seriously hurt. It wasn’t depressing. I guess it’s the best we could’ve hoped for with two old, faded legends stepping into the ring for a nostalgic spectacle.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

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