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They said what?! Twitter reacts to Jake Paul demolishing Nate Robinson

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Jake Paul knocked Nate Robinson out in round two. Here’s how Twitter reacted to that absurdity.

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The pro boxing debut for former NBA guard Nate Robinson went pretty poorly. Jake Paul whooped his ass and knocked him out in round two. Robinson kept charging into the social media star like an out of control hooper going to the basket. Nate was damn near wrestling Paul for most of the fight and not actually landing punches. His form was awful, his defense was worse, and Paul kept whacking him with right hands until he was unconscious. The first knockdown in round one was just behind the ear and Robinson seemed unaware that it’s a legal punch.

Round two happened and Robinson courageously got up from the first knockdown, only to faceplant on the next right hand and out he went. Jake Paul, love him or hate him, is 2-0 as a pro boxer and at least looks considerably better than whatever the hell that was from Nate. At least Nate would beat Jake in a slam dunk competition.

Anyway, here’s how Twitter reacted to this circus.