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Brutal KO! Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson full fight video highlights from Tyson vs RJJ co-main

Watch highlights from Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson.

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It was NBA star vs YouTuber co-headlining the Tyson vs Jones event. Jake Paul laced up the gloves for his second professional fight, taking on a debutant, the former NBA star and three-time slam dunk champion in Nate Robinson.

No one will mistake it for a high level boxing match, but they did manage to entertain in their own way. In the end it was the slightly more experienced boxer that ended up victorious.

The smaller Robinson kept rushing in without much technique or care for defense, while Paul was just a tad sharper, all things considered. Paul knocked him down in the first round, and twice again in the second. The final KO finish was pretty brutal.

Watch highlights from the boxing match below, along with a snippet from our play-by-play of the contest.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson, Round 1

Nate bringing pressure right away. Snoop on commentary is cracking me up already. Robinson with a nice jab and he clinches up. Paul seems confused. Lots of early clinching. Robinson misses with a left hook and they clinch again. This isn’t pretty so far. Paul with a nice right in the clinch. Robinson presses but Paul catches him with a beauty shot inside and drops him! Robinson barely gets up at 9. They wrestle a bit. Robinson looks for a double leg but it’s boxing man. 10-8 Paul.

Robinson clinches again immediately. Same overhand right from Paul drops Robinson again! He’s up quicker this time though. AND THEN IMMEDIATELY GETS DESTROYED! Robinson is stone cold asleep! WOW!

Jake Paul defeated Nate Robinson via KO, round 2

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