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‘He’s fun to watch’ - Dana White is a fan of UFC 255’s Mike Perry

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Mike Perry might bring a lot of baggage with him, but UFC president Dana White doesn’t seem to care as long as he’s exciting in the Octagon.

Mike Perry may have come up short in his exciting fight with Tim Means at UFC 255, but it looks like he still has fans in high places. Perry missed weight by a large margin and had been bragging about eating cheeseburgers in the week leading up to the fight. But he still managed to show off some new wrinkles in the Octagon and impressed a lot of people with his tenacity.

One of those people was UFC president Dana White, who gave his comments regarding “Platinum” at the post-fight press conference: (via MMA Mania):

“He’s always tough and fun to watch. What I really like about Mike Perry ... he tried to win that fight. He’s fun to watch. I dunno what it means or where he goes after (UFC 255) but he’s a fun fighter.”

In recent months, Perry has been accused of punching an old man in a bar, along with alleged instances of domestic violence. He continues to make inflammatory remarks on social media regarding these instances as well. For some reason, he also sang along to his entrance music at UFC 255, which he said was the wrong song and he didn’t pick it. On commentary, Jon Anik disagreed.

Regardless, it has long been the UFC’s policy to conveniently ignore outside-the-cage issues if the fighter delivers in the cage, and unfortunately, this just seems to be another case of it.