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Lipski suffered facial fracture at UFC 255 loss to Shevchenko: ‘I still can’t feel my nose’

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UFC flyweight Ariane Lipski suffered more damage than it showed in her TKO loss to Antonina Shevchenko at UFC 255.

UFC flyweight and former KSW champion Ariane Lipski suffered a heavy loss in her last outing. Paired up against Antonina Shevchenko at UFC 255, the ‘Queen of Violence’ was TKO’d in the second round after some fierce ground and pound from the UFC flyweight champion’s sister.

A couple of days after the defeat, Lipski took to her personal Instagram account to talk about the fight and revealed some unfortunate news. According to the lengthy post, Lipski had a facial bone fractured after Shevchenko landed a heavy elbow in the second round, which might put her out of commission for a while.

“Thank you guys for all the support and thoughts! During the fight, everything is very intense and fast, I made some bad decisions which paid its toll; and I lost. But no excuses, right guys!? I was well trained and prepared by my coach and all the staff who have been working with me.

Now, what else is left to do!? Get back to the gym and train and practice twice as hard and dedicate myself even harder; I’m 26 years old and I love what I do for a living, everything bad that has ever happened to me I’ve used as motivation and fuel!

Yesterday, at the second round, while I was under my opponent, she hit me with her elbow on my left eye and and felt my face going numb right away, my vision went blurred and unfocused and suddenly, everything was so painful and I could only think of protecting my left eye, hoping the pain would go away and I would get back to the fight, but I ran out of time.

Result: I have a fracture in one of the bones of my face and, therefore, I still can’t feel my nose nor the left side of my lips/mouth; it’s painful to move my left eye and I still need to stay for observation, but I’m already taking all the medicines necessary.Special thanks to the UFC staff for taking care so well of its athletes during the fight week and the post fight as well!”.

The loss snapped a two-fight winning streak for Lipski (13-6), who had defeated Luana Carolina and Isabela de Padua before UFC 255. The defeat also put the 26-year-old in a difficult spot, turning her UFC record to a concerning 2-3. She started out in the Octagon with unanimous decision defeats to Joanne Calderwood and Molly McCann.