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Fight Circus 2 videos: 3 vs 1 bout steals the (freak)show, Bob Sapp attacks promoter

Fight Circus 2 lived up to its reputation.

“Fight Circus” was launched last August, and it delivered what was probably the weirdest freakshow event in MMA history. Brought to us again by adult streaming website CamSoda and Thailand’s Full Metal Dojo, Fight Circus returned on Saturday night and they lived up to their insane reputation.

Fight Circus 2: Circus Harder’s weird attractions included open-weight match ups, a leg kick contest, 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1, tag team, spinning shit only, kicks only, and even an Indian Leg Wrestling bout.

Below are a few videos from the crazy event.

David beat Goliath to open the show:

“Bank,” who also competed in an alternating leg kick contest, again teamed up with “No Money” and just beat the living hell out of the bigger, but clearly out of shape “King of Kebab.”

The “spinning shit only” match didn’t quite reach people’s expectations, as the pair became fairly predictable. Set ups using straight strikes were obviously not allowed, so they mostly just moved away when spinning attacks were launched.

I never even heard about Indian Leg Wrestling before this, but they made two models go at it in a best of five.

They had a “battle of the bands” with musicians literally battling each other in tag-team Muay Thai rules. It went pretty much as what you would expect from people without a fighting background, but it did produce this officiating moment:

While the 2 vs 1 match up just ended up in a complete one-sided beating, the 3 vs 1 bout was actually far more competitive. Panda Banks stole the entire (freak)show as he threw bombs at the three opponents, who were trying to overwhelm him. The heavyweight even hilariously went after someone outside by the ring apron at one point.

Watch the madness unfold here:

Results don’t actually matter, but like on their inaugural show, the losers mainly got bongs, while winners got axes. Panda Banks got a weird poster with Bill Clinton in a dress though.

Can they even top all the madness they brought from their first two offerings? Well for what it’s worth, they’re already teasing a third as Fight Circus ended the show in style.

Bob Sapp came in, cut a promo, then attacked promoter Jon Nutt before immediately cutting the broadcast. Watch the pro-wrestling moment at the end of the show.

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