Full Metal Dojo Fight Circus 2 Report

If you missed my post on the first Fight Circus, you missed my journey from being a boy to a man as I watched a chick get the snot knocked out of her in a bareknuckle fight as she sobbed uncontrollably. Uncomfortably exploitive! in flashing red letters across my mind’s interior. But along with that sordid scene was the genius of the 2-on-1 MMA fight, the all-kicking fight, and myriad other bizarre-o wonders of the Soi. Yes, some of these things may sound stupid, but goddamnit they were not. They were awesome. And I have come back for more.

In the meantime, I’ve also had some time to reflect on my first Fight Circus experience and heard an interview with Full Metal Dojo impresario Jon Nutt in which he described Fight Circus as "satirical MMA." I mean, yes, thank you. I can think of little more ripe for satirical tomfoolery than the "sport" which holds Dana White as its wizened elder. Nutt’s small (perhaps throwaway) statement really clicked for me and made me even more interested in what was in store for the second installment. We shall find out if my expectations will be met or dashed on the rocks of crude gay-panic jokes and un-clever double entendre. (Probably a little bit of both.)

We get a bit of the "satire" right off the bat as Nutt announces his first fight as a grievous open-weight mismatch with one guy heading for a likely ass-kicking. Curiously however, it’s the smaller guy who is favored and he gets the quick G&P victory. I think the big guy quit after getting kicked once during the last event? (Yes, same guy.) After the fight Nutt says he wants to bring him back to lose for every event. Nice.

Next up are Bank and No Money who were the absolute highlight of Fight Circus 1 with their 2-on-1 match versus "The Crazy Russian." Tonight they face the "King of Kebab" who also fought last time against some pasty skinny English guy.

Bank does not appear to have worked on his striking since the last fight. Nor his fight IQ. Though he does get some nice body kicks going eventually to the King of Kebabs voluminous gut. The fight ends in the third round as the ref (former UFCer Tommy Hayden), calls it. Amazingly, Kebab does a better job than the Crazy Russian, but that’s probably due to having seen the tape on Bank and No Money. Verdict: not as cool as last time, but that’s a steep hill to climb.

Next up is the hot leg-wrestling babes, which I think is an improvement on the teenage girl Lethwei from last event. Just like normal exploitation rather than especially terrible exploitation. Unfortunately we’re missing one of the original hot babes as she missed her plane from Koh Samui (a very relaxing vacation spot btw), so we get a replacement "babe" who looks like she’s ready for her hot yoga class. The ref is the guy who reffed some quarantine ONE Championship fights, which is still just hysterical to me. Chatri would not be amused. The non-replacement babe wins.

It’s time for the "All-Spinning-Shit" fight. This one has some potential...

For the complete event write up (and pictures), including a wild finish featuring the one and only Bob Sapp, please visit Fight Prose.

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