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UFC 255 results: Tim Means outstrikes Mike Perry, wins decision

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Tim Means just defeated Mike Perry by unanimous decision on the UFC 255 PPV main card.

The UFC 255 PPV main card just saw Tim Means lean into his striking technique to out-strike Mike Perry in a unanimous decision win. Means was on fire with his jab, keeping Perry on the outside. Perry did lure Means into a brawl in the third round, but the veteran regrouped and stayed the course to go on and win on points. This makes back to back wins for “The Dirty Bird,” who has been with the UFC since 2012.

Perry came out and got himself a bodylock takedown. He transitioned to the back of Means and patiently worked for an RNC. Means defended well and worked back up to his feet where he landed a mean knee to the face. In open space, it was Means who was getting the better of the exchanges.

Means was popping his jab to open the second round, and attacking the body with teeps. Perry was pressuring g forward and landed a couple of hard punches here and there, but the volume was on the side of Means. The jab was such an effective weapon for Tim, and Perry was wearing it on his face by the end of the round.

Means continued to stay sharp to start the final frame. He was hitting Perry with flush straight punches. Perry started to rally, letting his hands go as Means stood right in front of him. He lured Means into a brawl, tossing defense out the window. Means regrouped and disengaged from the slugfest to return to a more technical approach. That didn’t last very long, though, as Perry’s onslaught dragged Means right back into a brawl. The last ten-seconds was some more phone booth fighting.

**It should be noted that Perry missed weight by 4.5 pounds

Tim Means def. Mike Perry by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x3): Welterweight