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CamSoda’s Fight Circus 2 live video stream and results: 3 vs 1, 2 vs 1, spinning sh-t only, more!

Can they top the madness from Fight Circus 1?

Last August, adult streaming website CamSoda teamed up with Thailand’s Full Metal Dojo to produce what was probably the weirdest freakshow event in MMA history. Dubbed as “Fight Circus,” they hosted a crazy show that had match ups like 2 vs 1, intergender grappling, and many others that involved extreme differences in size and fighting style.

Interestingly enough, they’ll try to top all of that with Fight Circus 2, which happens tonight tonight.

If paying for UFC 255 isn’t your thing, you can instead join us for (FREE) freakshow fights at the same 10 p.m. ET start time. The live stream will be available for free on this link.

In case I have to warn you again, CamSoda is an adult streaming website, so it will have content that isn’t safe for work.

For an idea of what the madness they have planned, here’s a rundown of the fights:

  • TJ Chang vs Whanphichit Siriphana - Bare Knuckle Boxing
  • Three Guys vs Panda Banks - 3 Average Joes vs 1 Big Pro Boxer
  • “Tetee” Sae-Be vs Tac Arakphotchong - Kicks Only Match
  • Jimmy Revolt vs Gods Fried Bananas - 2 vs 2 tag team, (a literal) battle of the bands
  • Fabiano Hawthorne vs Chayan Nott - Spinning Strikes Only Match
  • Tracy Eden Larby vs Jamaika Forsyth - Indian Leg Wrestling (between two models)
  • Bank and No Money vs Ali Mohammed - 2 strawweights vs 1 heavyweight
  • Bank vs Young Bactol - Alternating Leg Kick Contest (Bank will have two fights)
  • Rockie Bactol vs Tang Mo - Bantamweight Muay Thai Fighter vs Heavyweight Boxer