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Video: Jon Jones, armed with a shotgun, chases suspected robber

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Jon Jones uploaded a video of himself chasing an individuals off of his property.

Last night Jon Jones’ name trended on twitter, but not because of a fight announcement or anything related to the sport of MMA. Instead Jones’ was making headlines for an encounter that occurred outside of his home in Albuquerque, NM.

According to Jones his property was recently targeted by a burglar. However, nothing was taken. Probably because Jones chased off the individual, while armed with a shotgun.

Jones uploaded a video of the encounter, captured on surveillance cameras, to instagram. However, ‘Bones’ deleted his original post soon after. Before it was removed, the video was shared on twitter by Chamatkar Sandhu. You can see it below:

Jones captioned the video to provide some context, writing: “Ended up tapping on this guys driver side window with the muzzle of my shotgun last night. Next time you try to rob someone, make sure you’re fast enough to out run them. He’s lucky I’m smart enough to not shoot a man while he’s retreating. Young people, I know times are getting hard but your life isn’t worth a few material possessions.” (h/t MMA Mania)

This isn’t the first time this year that Jones has made news because of something involving a firearm. Back in March Jones was arrested on suspicion of DWI. A police report stated that police officers were alerted to Jones because they heard a gunshot.

Officers reported that after they searched Jones’ car they discovered a handgun under the drivers seat and a spent shell casing just outside the drivers side door.

Jones plead guilty to DWI in relation to this incident and received a sentence of four days house arrest and a year of supervised probation. He was also ordered to attend 90 days of outpatient therapy and complete 48 hours of community service.

Jones most recent fight happened a month before that arrest. At UFC 247 in February he defeated Dominick Reyes to defend his UFC light heavyweight title. Since then Jones announced that he was vacating the title to pursue challenges in the heavyweight division.

Despite declaring he was moving up to a heavier division, much of Jones’ time has been spent beefing with the smaller Israel Adesanya, the UFC’s reigning middleweight champion.