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GRAPHIC: Sidy Rocha gets gruesome forearm break at SFT 22

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An arm really should not bend that way.

Getting caught in an armbar during a fight is not ideal. Getting your arm broken while caught in that armbar is also not ideal.

On Halloween night, Standout Fighting Tournament (SFT) held an event which featured an all-woman lineup that was topped by a strawweight main event between Pamela Mara and Andreia Serafim and a bantamweight co-main event between Karine Silva and Sidy Rocha. SFT 22 was chock-full of submissions, but the one that happened during Silva and Rocha will stick out for very obvious reasons.

When the fight hit the ground, Silva immediately went to work in finding an armbar and she almost had it set up before the referee came in to stop the fight. While in the middle of trying to fend off the armbar, Rocha had her left arm fractured. The arm did not get noticed by both Silva and Rocha at first, but the referee certainly saw it, which explains his quick reaction.

The fight was stopped in the first round and Rocha was tended to by cageside doctors while Silva was declared the winner of the contest.

Thanks to Twitter user, Caposa, you can see how Rocha’s arm looked after it was snapped.

(Warning: Graphic image ahead. Proceed with caution.)

I may not be a medical professional, but I am certain that any part of the arm should not be at a 90 degree angle. Fortunately, Rocha will be okay as Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting reports she is expected to return home to set up a surgery needed to repair the arm.

Her team also provided an update for fans in a short video on Instagram and Rocha is shown with her arm wrapped up in a sling.