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Tweet of the Day: Diego Sanchez says a ‘UFO flew right up,’ and was obviously ‘watching me’

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Diego Sanchez talks about a UFO sighting.

Indian woman photographs UFO alien in Baker California Photo by: Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Twitter is filled with the most random things. Diego Sanchez is one quirky and eccentric fellow. Combine the two, and you’re bound to get some weirdness.

Case in point: the original Ultimate Fighter winner just claimed he had a strange UFO encounter on his patio in New Mexico. Not only that, Sanchez says he was sure the hovering object/being/spaceship(?) was there to watch him.

Sanchez didn’t really give full context to his story, but for what it’s worth, a lot of his other recent tweets were even more bizarre. The 38-year-old’s recent social media activity has gone from calling out “Cowboy salami” and telling Dan Hardy about how his “reptile eats your weak ass serpent,” to tweeting about “bots hired to kill my identity.”

Hardy has also replied to his recent callout, taking shots at Sanchez’s “mystical yoga teacher” and saying he “needs a serious psychological evaluation.”

Sanchez lost a one-sided decision to Jake Matthews in his latest outing last September.