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Fight Archives: Shonie Carter, and MMA’s first-ever double knockout

An all-time classic that never gets old.

Shonie Carter double knockout referee

Gaining mainstream recognition is one of the many goals for any fighter. But I’m pretty sure this wasn’t what Shawn Parker and Tyler Bryan had in mind.

You’ve likely seen this clip a ton of times when it first went around the interweb 12 years ago. It started out like any normal bout, with the two fighters throwing one kick apiece to feel each other out. Then the unforeseen happened.

In a serendipitous turn of events, the right hooks they simultaneously threw landed squarely on the button. Both Parker and Bryan dropped to the mat like a pair of logs, much to the delight of the small but frenzied crowd at the 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis.

The third man in the cage for that fight was none other than Shonie Carter, whose priceless reaction was a treat in itself. But for Mr. International, this historic moment should’ve happened on a much bigger stage.

I felt bad for them honestly. I felt bad for both fighters because you and I know that if that fight is on pay per view in the UFC, that’s a Fight of the Night bonus and Knockout of the Night (bonus). That’s money that could change their lives.

I just wish, for them, that it would have happened in a bigger show.

Parker and Bryan both ended their short-lived pro careers in 2008. But, hey, at least they made the history books.