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Lawsuit in Dana White sex tape extortion case dismissed

UFC president Dana White had a lawsuit dismissed that named him as the victim of a sex tape extortion plot.

UFC 246: McGregor v Cerrone Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

On Wednesday, District Judge David Jones dismissed the lawsuit against UFC president Dana White in Clark County, Nevada. Ernesto Joshua Ramos filed the lawsuit. Ramos claimed White failed to pay him an agreed upon sum of $450,000 for not disclosing White’s name in a now closed sex tape case.

Ramos also claimed he did not demand money from White, but that White’s lawyers approached him during a criminal case and offered him a substantial amount of money to plead guilty and avoid a public trial that would reveal the name/s of his victim/s.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported the news of the dismissal.

Ramos filed his suit in April. In that suit, the Review-Journal reported that in October 2014 there was a rendezvous between an unnamed businessman and an adult nightclub dancer in Brazil. That time coincided with White being in Brazil for UFC 179, which took place in Rio de Janeiro on October 25.

The lawsuit alleged the woman used her cellphone to secretly record her and White having sex while in Brazil.

Ramos was indicted by a federal grand jury in September 2105. According to the Review-Journal, he was accused of demanding $200,000 from the unnamed businessman or he would make public the sex tape.

Ramos later entered a guilty plea with prosecutors and received a sentence of 366 days in prison. With the guilty plea, the name of the businessman was kept secret.

Ramos’ April lawsuit alleged White and the UFC breached an agreement, where Ramos was to be paid a substantial amount of money if he did not disclose the encounter and forfeited the video. Ramos alleged that he was not paid after he complied with his end of the supposed agreement.

In September, White filed the motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

In that motion, White’s lawyers wrote, “Some parties never learn. After pleading guilty to a felony of attempting to extort defendant Dana White and spending nearly a year in federal prison, plaintiff Joshua Ramos now seeks this court’s assistance to complete what he could not finish the first time — separating Mr. White from a substantial amount of money.”

Ramos’ lawyer, Ian Christopherson said he planned to appeal Wednesday’s decision to dismiss the lawsuit to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Bloody Elbow reached out to the UFC for comment on this story, but the promotion did not reply before the time of publication.