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‘You came and made African men look soft’ - Jones and Adesanya continue war of words on Twitter

Yes, this is still happening.

Over the past week, Jon Jones and Israel Adesanya have been bickering on Twitter. Neither man held back on their words, that even Jones’ late mother was involved in the conversation.

Well folks, this saga is far from over. On Monday night, the two elite prizefighters decided to flood everyone’s Twitter feeds with more verbal vitriol towards each other. I personally can’t keep up anymore, so I’ll just post the first of this series of tweets, which looks like began with Jones.

With a penchant for smack talk himself, “The Last Stylebender” went on to start things up from his side of things.

Then they started directing tweets at each other.

Adesanya went on to rip on Jones like most critics do, bringing up the latter’s controversial behaviors and run-ins with the law. Then he went silent for few hours, which gave Jones more firepower to carry on.

Izzy checked back in after a “prison styles” workout and picked up from where he left off.

There’s much more from their back and forth, and it will likely continue on, so for those who wish to see the entire thread of tweets, feel free to visit their respective Twitter timelines. And until these two finally lock horns inside the UFC cage, we can expect more of these for the foreseeable future.