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GRAPHIC: Jaime Munguia stops Tureano Johnson with horrifying, lip-ripping uppercut

This is gross.

DAZN screenshot

(Warning: Graphic photo in this article)

MMA fans are accustomed to seeing gruesome lip cuts. Robbie Lawler’s lip just about split in half against Rory MacDonald in a fight he won in the very last round. Just last year we saw Alistair Overeem lose in the dying seconds to Jairzinho Rozenstruik after a huge shot busted his lip wide open. Neither of those bouts were stopped as a direct result of a mangled lip, though.

On this Halloween weekend, I present to you a new entrant in the “nastiest lip cuts” category.

Mexican middleweight Jaime Munguia (36-0, 29 KO) had six competitive and entertaining rounds with The Bahamas’ Tureano Johnson (21-3-1, 15 KO). Scorecards had favored Munguia up to this point, but there would be no round seven because Johnson took one uppercut too many. The one that got the fight stopped in between rounds six and seven was so gnarly that you can tell that blood is flying straight out of the ring... at least I think it’s blood. We cannot discount that this was literal lip that Munguia knocked off of Johnson’s face.

Okay, you’ve seen what caused the damage but you didn’t get a good look at the actual damage. Here we go... I already told you it was graphic in the headline, and then I did it again in bold font in the first line of the article.

Yeah... that’s going to need some work.