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Dagestani MMA fighter shot dead over land dispute

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The former MMA fighter was gunned down in Khasavyurt, Dagestan after a dispute over a plot of land. 

A Dagestani former MMA fighter was shot dead by two gunmen in Khasavyurt, Dagestan following a an alleged dispute over a plot of land.

Shamil Abdulmuslimov was killed by two gunmen who were later identified as a local father, Murgamudin Muradisov, and his son. The incident took place following an argument with the fighter over a piece of land, which led to the eventual shooting.

Muradisov was captured on camera arrived at a local restaurant armed with a semi-automatic rifle. He stormed into the restaurant and opened fire on the Abdulmuslimov before attacking members of the fighter’s entourage with his weapon.

Thank he culprit reportedly did not attempt to flee the scene and was later arrested by the police.

Abdulmuslimov compiled a 11-4 professional record during his tenure as an MMA fighter, competing for a range of Russian promotions like M-1 Global, Tech-Krep, ProFC, and GFC.

Abdulmuslimov is not the first MMA fighter to be gunned down in Dagestan. In 2016, former Bellator fighter Shahbulat Shamhalaev was shot during a dispute at a restaurant in Makhachkala.

Shamhalaev, who had walked into the restaurant armed with a pistol and a hunting rifle to settle a score, was shot from behind by two assailants. The dispute between the fighter and the assailants, who were later identified as the bodyguards of a Dagestani politician, began the previous day when one of the bodyguards held a gun to Shamhalaev’s head.

After being shot six times in the restaurant, Shamhalaev was hospitalized and placed in a medical coma. He awoke several days later, attacked a nurse, and attempted to escape the hospital before being stopped by security. Doctor’s blamed Shamhalaev’s bizarre actions on the “hallucinogenic effects” of the medication. He was discharged three weeks later.