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Former USA Judo member disarms suspected mugger in Kansas City

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A former member of USA Judo avoided being robbed this week.

2020 Paris Judo Grand Slam (8-9 February)
FILE PHOTO: Judo practitioners at the 2020 Paris Judo Grand Slam
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According to the Kansas City Star Josh Henges, 36, was walking home from a convenience store on Monday evening when he felt someone grab him around the shoulders and press a gun into his back. Henges turned around to see a 20-year-old with a gun pointing at his forehead. The armed man told Henges to hand over his possessions.

Henges, a former member of the USA Judo team and a current BJJ instructor, did not comply.

Instead of giving over his wallet, Henges grabbed the suspected robber by the shoulder, disarmed him, took him to the ground and restrained. With the man down on the ground Henges used his hands-free AirPods to call 911.

“He was in grabbing range of me,” Henges told police. “You don’t have to hurt him. You just hold him in place, and there’s no permanent injury.”

When police arrived they found the suspect pinned under Henges. The suspect was arrested without further incident. Police searched the scene and recovered a BB gun, which is believed to be the item Henges was allegedly threatened with.

A police release about this incident said that “Henges said he has compassion for the suspect and hope he gets the help he needs.”

Henges spoke to FOX 4 about what happened and further expressed his concern for the suspect in this case.

“I’ve worked with transition-aged youth for a long time, worked with homeless folks my entire career, so I wanted to see what led him to this,” he said. “People have to own their behavior, but there’s also a reason they behave a certain way. To me, real justice is a changed heart and a changed heart changes behavior.”

“If I can forgive this kid, I hope anyone can forgive this kid,” continued Henges. “He’s going to own it, and when he does, let’s find a way to make the most of his life.”

The suspect has been charged with one count of attempted robbery.