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Grappling Report: The Full Lineups For Polaris Squads 2 Are Here

A rundown of the biggest headlines and news from the world of competitive grappling.

bloody elbow grappling report

The first Polaris Squads event was a resounding success and now the promotion has worked incredibly quickly in getting the next one organized. The only difference between this and the first edition is that it will be contested in the gi instead, and this of course led to a change in the athletes that will represent Team Europe and Team UK. Bradley Hill and Tommi Pulkkanen are the only returning competitors, representing the UK and Europe respectively.

The rest of Team UK will be made up of Bryn Jenkins, Arya Esfandmaz, Adam Adshead, Sam Gibson, Tyrone Elliott, Sean Coates, and Marcos Nardini. Team Europe does appear to have the advantage in experience however as the team is rounded out with Tommy Langaker, Espen Mathiesen, Adam Wardzinski, Leon Larman, Pedro Ramalho, Luca Anacoreta, and Max Lindblad. Will Team Europe get their revenge this time around?

Grace Gundrum Takes Her Place Among Elite at Fight 2 Win 155

Gundrum entered F2W 155 as an 18 year-old competing for the first time at black belt, against a two-time IBJJF World Champion in Patricia Fontes. As a result, she seemed acutely aware that the pressure was on and the odds were stacked against the 10th Planet representative. Despite this, she took the opportunity for a F2W title with both hands and submitted the vastly more experienced Fontes with a 10th Planet special, the Dead Orchard.

That wasn’t the only unusual submission on the card as Tom Mcmahon won by wristlock from side control earlier on in the black belt matches. Towards the end of the night, a pair of American grapplers beat top-tier Brazilian competition when Jake Watson and Devhonte Johnson managed to win decisions against Matheus Luna and Vinicius ‘Trator’ Ferreira respectively.

Three Elite Teenage Grapplers Earn Brown Belts

The Ruotolo brothers are almost household names in competitive BJJ despite neither of them being old enough to drink in most countries. The pair of phenomenal grapplers have come an incredibly long way under the tutelage of Andre Galvao at ATOS and have already competed against some of the biggest names of the sport and on some of the biggest stages.

As a result, they were both awarded with their brown belts this week. Only a few days later they were joined by another teenage prodigy in Mica Galvao (no relation to Andre) who was promoted by his father and head-coach of Dream Art in Manaus, Brazil; Melqui Galvao. Don’t let their age or ranks fool you though, all three of these kids could tear apart the vast majority of adults on the planet and will prove it time and time again over the coming years.

Garry Tonon Gets One Step Closer to a Title Shot at ONE FC

Garry Tonon might only be five fights deep in his MMA career but after three submission wins and two knockouts, he’s catapulted himself to the very top of ONE FC’s Featherweight division. As a result, he’s been matched up with Koyomi Matsushima on November 20th, a fantastic striker with a 12-4 record who recently challenged Martin Nguyen for the promotion’s Featherweight title.

Coincidentally, this fight will take place only a matter of weeks after the incumbent champion defends his title against Thanh Le on October 30th. The timing and quality of opponent seems to indicate that Tonon is likely to earn a title shot with a victory next month. It seems like only yesterday he made the announcement that he’d embark on an MMA career and already, it looks like he’s in line for the title shot he’s been calling for.

Quick Hits

Technique Corner

Electric Chair to Heelhook

Single Leg-X pass to Anaconda Choke

Triangle Choke from Butterfly Guard