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Fight Archives: Justin Gaethje picks up first and only career submission win

Amidst the brain-shaking KO victories, Justin Gaethje holds one slick submission win.

To say Justin Gaethje holds an impressive win-loss record is still a bit of an understatement.

19 out of 22 wins by knockout/TKO, 9 of which happened in the first round. Three ended via leg kick. Five of them earned him performance bonuses in the UFC. That right there is world-class.

But amidst those nearly paralyzing, brain-shaking KOs is a lone submission win for “The Highlight.” It happened against the late Sam Young in 2012 under the Rage in the Cage banner.

Just like any other fight, Gaethje pushed the action with ill intentions and complete disregard for his physical well-being. But during these earlier years as a pro, he utilized more of his takedowns and submission game.

This should answer Javier Mendez’s question.

After a failed keylock from full mount, Gaethje got back control, set up the Mata Leao with the left arm, then smoothly switched with the right to lock in the choke. Fight over.

It’s hard not to root for a fearless, menacing fighter like Justin Gaethje. But it’s an entirely different conversation when you’re up against the immovable force that is Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Fight day is two sleeps away.

(action starts at 4:15)

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