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James Krause on ‘clown’ Joaquin Buckley: ‘All he does is sit on social media and talk’

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James Krause has revealed why the viral KO star Joaquin Buckley has got under his skin.

After his viral UFC knockout in his debut, James Krause has labelled Joaquin Buckley a ‘clown’.

Buckley produced a knockout that will be replayed for years to come against Impa Kasanganay at UFC Fight Island 5 last week. Meanwhile, Krause picked up a unanimous decision against Claudio Silva this past weekend at UFC Fight Island 6.

Talking to reporters including MMA Junkie after his fight on “Fight Island”, Krause didn’t deny Buckley’s knockout was impressive, but labelled him a s—box regardless.

“The dude’s a clown, man,” Krause said. “Listen, this dude – people just know him from his viral video, for his viral knockout. (It was a) beautiful knockout. I’m not going to rag on that. The dude’s a (expletive)box.”

Krause continued by saying that he has refused to train with Buckley in the past as he doesn’t want his kind of culture in his gym. Both fighters train in the Missouri area.

“He’s from my neck of the woods and all he does is sit on social media and talk (expletive) all day. He called me to come train and I told him to get (expletive). I don’t want that type of culture in my gym, I don’t need that type of culture. No. He took offense to it, and it is what it is. And he can get it, too.”

A fight between Buckley and Krause is unlikely as they fight at different weight classes, but Krause has jumped up to 185-pounds before, taking on Trevin Giles on a day’s notice.