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Trump says it is a ‘great honor’ to have UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal’s support

The U.S President shared his thoughts on the UFC fighter during a recent post on twitter.

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal arrives to speak, along with... Photo by Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

U.S. President Donald Trump has praised Jorge Masvidal for his continued support on the campaign trail.

Trump’s comments came after the UFC welterweight contender teamed up with Donald Trump Jr. to campaign on behalf of the U.S. President ahead of the 2020 elections. His campaigning efforts included taking part in a ‘Fighters Against Socialism’ bus tour, which made stops in Orlando, Coconut Creek, and Miami, as well as speaking on the supposed dangers of socialism and communism in an attempt to court Hispanic votes in Florida.

During the final stop on the bus tour, Masvidal was joined by Cuban American businessman Maximo Alvarez as well as senator Marco Rubio.

“I’m not a politician. I’m not going to wear a fancy suit and impress nobody. I’m not going to use big fancy words to show how smart I am but I do know Latinos,” Masvidal said during one of the rallies. “And I’m here to tell you Latinos are not looking for a handout, that’s for sure. Latinos don’t want free stuff, we want freedom. We want opportunity. We want to know that if we work hard enough and sacrifice we too can provide for our families and get our piece of the American dream.”

Now it seems that Masvidal’s campaigning efforts did not go unnoticed.

“Jorge, you’re really tough and really smart. My Great Honor to have your support!” Trump tweeted on Thursday.

Masvidal is one of several UFC fighters and officials who have been vocal about their support for the incumbent president. Others include Colby Covington and UFC president Dana White, who spoke at several Trump rallies as well as both the 2016 and 2020 Republican National Conventions.

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