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Video: Joaquin Buckley pulls off one of the sickest knockouts in UFC history

Impa Kasanganay got annihilated by a spinning back kick that was out of this world at UFC Fight Island 5.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no debating the best KO in MMA of 2020. This might be one of the greatest knockouts in the history of the sport.

On the preliminary card of UFC Fight Island 5 in Abu Dhabi, middleweights Joaquin Buckley and Impa Kasanganay had a really entertaining, back-and-forth first round. You just sensed that someone was destined to get finished with the type of power that they were throwing. No one could’ve seen this ending, though.

Buckley threw a high kick that was blocked and caught by Kasanganay. No problem for Buckley, as his right leg was still free and he pulled off some wizardry to turn that into a spinning back kick KO to the jaw. Impa fell like a tree and he was out before he hit the canvas.

Watch this. WATCH IT.

Look at Kasanganay’s face when he gets crushed!

Buckley gets his first UFC win and he’ll get a bonus and potentially two if this holds up as Fight of the Night. It is legit one of the best KOs you will ever see.