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UFC’s Derrick Lewis shares the story behind viral boxer beatdown video

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Derrick Lewis talks about the video of him knocking out a boxer in the gym.

Derrick Lewis Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Late last December, Derrick Lewis posted a video showing him badly beating up a boxer that was said to have been talking smack in the gym.

“When a boxers said he will knock me out because I’m a mma fighter.” That was the caption on Lewis’ video that made the rounds, and now the number five ranked UFC heavyweight shared the story behind it.

Lewis told UFC Unfiltered (HT: MMA Fighting) that the boxer had been training for two weeks at his gym and was “running his mouth, wanting to fight and spar everyone, and just being disrespectful.”

As Lewis tells it, he and his coached walked in the gym, and the boxer started things with them.

Boxer: “Who’s this right here?”

Coach: “That’s ‘The Black Beast’ right there.”

Boxer: “Man, I think I can knock him out.”

Lewis: “Oh yeah? Alright. Well, get this man some gloves.”

“In less than a minute, I tried to murder his ass,” Lewis said.

As the video showed, calling out the UFC heavyweight did not end well for the boxer.

Lewis has compiled a 22-7-1 record in MMA, which includes 18 knockouts and going 13-5 in the UFC. The 34-year-old is currently booked to face former light heavyweight Ilir Latifi at UFC 247.