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UFC’s Mike Perry continues to attack actor Michael Jai White, calls him the n-word

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Mike Perry isn’t happy with Michael Jai White, and the UFC fighter recently called for a backyard brawl with the actor following his comments about the late Kimbo Slice. A few days later, and Perry continued to attack the actor on social media, this time even using a racial slur.

“Blood and bone,” Perry wrote, referring to White’s movie. “more like b—h ass n— @MichaelJaiWhite”

Perry doubled down on his follow up tweet, saying that he called the actor the n-word because he is “straight up being one.”

The UFC welterweight has had a history of similar issues in the past, including his team hurling racist insults at his Korean foe, and Perry using various slurs through the years.

While the attack on White obviously had a completely different intention, Tyron Woodley once gave his fellow Florida-based fighter in Perry a pass, since he called him the n-word in an inclusive manner. Others, like UFC vet Gerald Harris, still took offense to him using the slur, but Perry says he “can’t do shit about it anyways.”

Perry also previously stated that if a young white man says (the n-word), “be prepared to defend yourself.”