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Masvidal: Covington is no longer at ATT because he’s on witness protection

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Jorge Masvidal continues to mock Colby Covington, who lost and got his jaw broken at UFC 245.

Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington was somehow silenced at UFC 245, when he was stopped by Kamaru Usman in the fifth round. He also broke his jaw in the process, which was a delight for many of his detractors.

Last week, “Chaos” appeared to look healed from his injury when he was seen with rapper Lil’ Pump at an NBA game. But according to his former training partner Jorge Masvidal, Colby has been M.I.A at American Top Team since UFC 245.

“Who?” Masvidal said with a laugh when asked about Covington at the Ariel Helwani Show on Monday (transcript by MMA Mania). “As soon as he got his jaw broken, no man.”

Masvidal and Covington once shared a close friendship. But after their falling out in 2019, “Gamebred” continues to mock his former friend.

“Look D, (Dustin Poirier) is going to get upset that I’m even saying this because it’s locker room talk, but, he’s like, ‘Yo man, where the f—k is Colby?’ So I’m like, don’t even worry about him because he’s on witness protection program,” he said.

“When you see this dude, you can’t even touch him,” Masvidal added. And he’s like, ‘I’m telling you, I am going to f—k his ass up, I’m tired of this sh-t.’ So I tell him he’s got like, I don’t know if Trump hired them or something, but he’s got secret service for him. It’s nuts because you can’t even look at the guy, he’s got too many people.

“But nah, that dude don’t go to the gym man. He’s a punk and he got what he deserved.”

Despite his rifts with teammates Masvidal and Poirier, Covington says he isn’t thinking of leaving American Top Team.