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MMA SQUARED, Stories of 2019: It was a very Jon Jones year

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Unbeatable in the cage and all too human outside. That’s our Bones.

The year started out guns blazing for Jon Jones. He wrapped up 2018 in dominant fashion, completely outclassing Alexander Gustafsson and aiming to defend his title three times in 2019.

Leading up to his first fight of 2019 he seemed to be taking a new, clean living approach to his career.

But the fight against Anthony Smith was lackluster. Out of that fight instead, the strangest rivalry of his career began to emerge, with Israel Adesanya. ‘Stylebender was asked a question about me and the first thing he could think of was my cakes at weigh ins . Then went on to talk about how I’m built like a dorito with chopsticks. No comment needed’ - Jon Jones

Possibly the greatest drawing I’ve ever drawn.

‘Bones’ notched another strange defense into his legacy when he fought one of the closest fights of his career against a hobbled Thiago Santos, eking out a split decision against the ‘muay thai black belt.’

Instead of a third title defense we were treated to classic Jon Jones out-of-cage hijinks. He was accused of sexual assault by a woman working at strip club.

I was disappointed to find out how many people did not realize that these were the lyrics to Jones’ walk out music.

Then he was accused to not paying one of his coaches who promised it would be “on site” the next time they crossed paths. Jones seemed to take this threat so seriously that he contacted the police, fearing for his family’s safety.

Finally, “Bones” took a $1.3 million dollar L versus the undefeated Internal Revenue Service.

Along the way Jones had his classic social media moments, laughing at the demise of others...

...continuing the extremely weird beef with Israel Adesanya (which is cartoon comedy gold)

If there was one atypical moment it was when Bones broke character (or strayed from his real self? Who knows anymore) to express sincere condolences to Daniel Cormier when the latter’s stepfather passed away. It was a ceasefire of historical proportions.

All in all, it was a very Jon Jones year. Neither good nor bad, a sort of living embodiment of yin and yang.

Oh yeah, Dana White tried to get the Matt Hamill loss overturned.

Take care of yourself and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.