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Nate Diaz: ‘Don’t act like I didn’t kick this whole fight sh-t back in gear’

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Nate Diaz wants some credit for kicking the fight game back in gear.

Nate Diaz might be on another extended hiatus from MMA, but the UFC fan favorite wants everyone to remember who elevated the UFC to new heights in 2019.

Nate, younger brother of Nick Diaz, fought Jorge Masvidal last year in one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year, losing to ‘Gamebred’ in a ‘BMF’ title bout at UFC 244 in New York City.

The Stockton local lost the bout via third-round TKO (doctor stoppage) but earned the respect of the MMA community by refusing to back down despite suffering massive damage to his face.

“Don’t act like I didn’t kick this whole fight shit back in gear…,” Diaz posted on Sunday.

Diaz initially called for an immediate rematch with Masvidal but the 34-year-old later changed his mind and hinted that he may be finished with MMA for good. Diaz then issued the following statement to ESPN, shutting down any talk of retirement by vowing to compete forever.

”Who said I was retired? I’ll fight tonight. I’ll fight forever. I’m never going to retire, that’s for sure.”