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UFC’s Mike Perry calls for backyard brawl against actor Michael Jai White

‘Platinum’ did not take kindly to actor insinuating he could teach the late Kimbo Slice about martial arts.

UFC 245: Neal v Perry Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Kevin Ferguson — or as he was commonly known: ‘Kimbo Slice’ — is one of the most well-known names in combat sports. Ferguson grew to fame in popular culture after his backyard boxing videos went viral on the internet. Ferguson also had multiple bouts in professional boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, before tragically passing away in 2016 due to heart failure.

‘Slice’ garnered mainstream attention among the MMA community when he joined the cast of the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF).

The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

TUF would not be his only stint in front of a camera. Ferguson leveraged his tough guy image to feature in several movies such as The Scorpion King 3 (2012) and Blood and Bone (2009). It was on the set of Blood and Bone where he would meet the actor: Michael Jai White.

White is a practitioner of multiple martial art styles and has been the leading star of several martial arts flicks, including depicting Mike Tyson in the HBO biographical film: Tyson (1995).

In a recent exclusive, Michael Jai White posted a video on his YouTube channel making comments about Ferguson becoming frustrated after not being able to comprehend techniques showcased by the actor.

“I told Kimbo I’d teach him some pointers, the same way I’ve done with a lot of champions in the past.” White said. “Kimbo became a little too frustrated with the process. He was still a little too freaked out and felt dominated. And sometimes that messes with a fighter’s psyche.”

This is not the first time an actor has attempted to teach techniques to a professional fighter. Steven Seagal showed Muay Thai specialist: Anderson Silva the infamous front kick, and took credit for that highlight-reel knockout over Vitor Belfort. More recently, Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed how the Diaz brothers could integrate kicking techniques into their arsenal.

However, this has drawn the ire of UFC welterweight ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry — who has a very clear message to other actors looking to “teach” combat sport athletes.

“An actor recently was saying how he was trying to teach kimbo something too difficult for kimbo to grasp. I think you actors better stay in the movies. 1 knee make your nose look like special effects.”

The 28-year old — who had his own nose badly disfigured by a vicious flying knee in a split-decision loss to Vicente Luque — elaborated on his earlier thoughts and specified the actor he was referring to, explicitly mentioning Michael Jai White.

“I just feel like #KimboSlice would beat the f*ck outta @MichaelJaiWhite and his tone in the video really bothered me. He should fight me backyard bare knuckle because I would like to learn this “prison movie technique” he was talking about #PPV #Or #For #Free.”

While there is a greater chance for Perry to star in the sequel to ‘Blood and Bone’ than this bout to come into fruition, ‘Platinum’ has made it clear, it’s not about financial gain and he would gladly fight the 52-year-old actor for free.

Despite coming off a loss to Geoff Neal at UFC 245, Perry (13-6) has remained a popular fixture among UFC fans due to his wild and unrelenting style. His outlandish personality outside of the octagon makes a call out of this nature unsurprising to many.