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Donald Cerrone responds to ‘stupid’ allegations suggesting he took a dive versus Conor McGregor at UFC 246

Donald Cerrone is not happy with being accused that he lost on purpose at UFC 246.

Donald Cerrone suffered one of the worst losses of his career a few weeks ago at UFC 246. That night the veteran lightweight and welterweight was defeated in under a minute by the returning Conor McGregor.

Leading up to the fight Cerrone was forced to field odd remarks and suggestions that he would ‘take a dive’ in his contest with McGregor. Cerrone was quick and unequivocal in rejecting any such rumours.

Unfortunately for Cerrone, in the aftermath of UFC 246, talk of him losing to McGregor on purpose has become popular among those wishing to troll him online.

According to MMA Mania Cerrone recently responded to a troll peddling this rumour on his Instagram account. “Take a dive you stupid motherfucker?”, replied ‘Cowboy’. “Who you think you’re talking to? Get a fucking life.”

“You think that’s funny?” continued Cerrone to another user. “You feel like I’m the kind of man who would sell his soul? Do me a favor and unfollow me if that’s how you feel.”

Since UFC 246 it hasn’t been just online trolls making disparaging remarks about Cerrone’s compete-level. ESPN host Stephen A. Smith has also got in on the action, too.

Smith said it looked like Cerrone “gave up” in the bout with McGregor. Since that utterance there has been a prolonged back and forth between Smith and notables within the MMA community including Joe Rogan, Conor McGregor, Chael Sonnen and Nate Diaz.