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Video: Jake Paul drops AnEsonGib three times, wins by first-round TKO

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This iteration of YouTube celebs boxing each other was not competitive.

Jake Paul v AnEsonGib Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Unlike his brother Logan Paul, Jake Paul’s professional boxing debut was a successful one.

The social media superstar took on fellow YouTube celebrity “AnEsonGib” in the co-main event of Thursday’s Matchroom Boxing on DAZN card in Miami, Florida. Jake looked in better physical shape than his opponent, and in terms of boxing skill between these two novices, Jake was way ahead of AnEsonGib in that department.

Paul knocked AnEsonGib down with a right hand. It was a flash/crappy balance knockdown — frankly all of them were — but it was obvious that AnEsonGib was way out of his depth just being in a boxing ring. A counter left hand dropped AnEsonGib again. Jake took his time, measured his shots like he had a vague idea of what he was doing, then decked AnEsonGib with another right hand to force the referee to stop the fight. No crushing punches, but AnEsonGib’s footwork, weird-ass crouching style, and poor balance made this extremely non-competitive and farcical. Over in a round.

To be serious, Jake didn’t look half-bad, but maybe that’s within the context of how genuinely awful AnEsonGib proved to be. It’s like it was half-boxing and half-aerobics. I swear he almost knocked himself down without a punch being thrown.

Official result: Jake Paul def. AnEsonGib by TKO at 2:18 of round 1

Here’s footage of the third and final knockdown. In fact, here’s the whole damn fight!

Presumably Jake Paul vs. KSI is next, seeing as KSI beat Logan Paul back in November. If that does happen... you bet your ass we’ll be covering it.