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New York commission takes away entire purse of Ivan Redkach for biting Danny Garcia

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Ivan Redkach’s decision to take a bite out of Danny Garcia has proven to be very costly.

Danny Garcia v Ivan Redkach Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The New York State Athletic Commission has dropped the hammer on welterweight boxer Ivan Redkach.

In last week’s Showtime Boxing main event, Redkach turned in a particularly pitiful display against former WBC champion Danny Garcia, who thoroughly outclassed him on his way to a unanimous decision win. The only eyebrow-raising moment over the course of 36 minutes was Redkach’s biting of Garcia on his shoulder.

The referee didn’t see this and thus no point deduction or disqualification was issued. Since it’s undeniable that the bite occurred, the NYSAC opted to go extra hard on Redkach for his actions.

Bad Left Hook’s Michael Woods has the details on Redkach’s fine, suspension, and loss of his fight purse.

“The New York State Athletic Commission is taking the following disciplinary action against Mr. Ivan Redkach for biting Mr. Garcia’s shoulder during the eighth round:

—Mr. Redkach was issued the maximum fine of $10,000 for engaging in dangerous, disorderly and unsportsmanlike conduct.

—Mr. Redkach’s license as a professional boxer is suspended for a year.

—Mr. Redkach’s purse from the bout shall be forfeited and paid to the Commission.

—Mr. Redkach has the right to challenge these penalties if he so chooses with a formal hearing.”

Evidently the suspension is not just one year, it’s a minimum of one year and actually an indefinite ban. It is unknown what Redkach’s purse was for this fight, but it was almost certainly six figures if not a career high. Presumably Redkach is going to appeal all of this.

This seems decidedly extreme compared to the last notable bite in a boxing match. Kash Ali bit David Price’s stomach and his arm during the fight, resulting in a disqualification, only got him a six-month ban and a £10,000 fine by the British Boxing Board of Control. More than two decades ago, Mike Tyson immediately lost $3 million of his $30 million purse for biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear, and lost his license to box for a brief period of time.