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Man ‘inspired’ by UFC attacks neighbor’s car

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Some drinking might have been involved.

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Filed under a ‘Worst excuses’ rundown from Gatton Magistrate court, Queensland, Australia’s Gatton Star reported a bizarre incident that happened sometime last November. The incident included a UFC event, a 30-year-old man and an unsuspecting Toyota Camry.

The original reporting of the incident includes the following line. ‘Watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship at a local pub might have inspired one man’s barbaric interaction with a stranger’s car’.

After that outlandish lede the story adds a little more detail. Reportedly, a woman was arriving home in her maroon Camry on Golf Links Drive in Gatton when she noticed a ‘strange man’ running towards her. The man, named as Stephen Graham, 30, is alleged to have charged the car and kicked the passenger side of the vehicle.

Senior Constable Courtney Boss said the incident caused “a minor dent in the door panel.”

“[Graham] had just returned from watching the UFC fight at the Royal Hotel at Gatton and he was intoxicated at the time,” continued Boss.

Graham has pleaded guilty to wilful damage. He has been fined around $340.

Despite the Gatton Star tying Graham’s behaviour to the UFC, while showing a rather low-bar for what counts as barbarism, there’s little indication that MMA bares much responsibility for this case of drunken tomfoolery.

A separate report, in the Sydney Herald, suggests that Graham ‘took out his emotions’ on the poor maroon Camry, but they lacked any further details to back that up.