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‘Real life superhero’ and MMA fighter Ben ‘Phoenix Jones’ Fodor facing multiple drug charges

Former WSOF fighter Ben Fodor is accused of selling MDMA.

Premiere Of IFC Midnight’s “Super” - Red Carpet Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to KOMO news Benjamin Fodor, 31, has been charged with multiple drug offenses after he allegedly sold Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), also known as ecstasy or ‘molly’, to an undercover police officer. Fodor is a Seattle based MMA fighter who is better known for his alter ego, Phoenix Jones.

After a friend was attacked outside of a bar, Fodor created Phoenix Jones, a black and gold clad superhero complete with mask and cowl. As Jones, Fodor would patrol the streets of Seattle, armed with a net gun, hoping to prevent crime.

Fodor/Jones was part of a ‘real life superhero’ collective known as the Rain City Superhero movement. Many of Fodor’s exploits as Phoenix Jones were captured on the YouTube channel ThePhoenixJones.

Fodor’s MMA career began in 2013. Since then he has amassed a record of 7-3-1. He fought three times in the WSOF. His most notable bout was against his foster brother Caros Fodor (a former UFC and Strikeforce fighter) at WSOF 32. He lost that bout via unanimous decision.

The charges against Fodor stem from an undercover operation that began in November 2019. Detectives state that during this operation they communicated with Fodor to arrange an MDMA sale at a Seattle Starbucks. Authorities allege that Fodor was given $300 over Venmo and $200 in person for approximately 7.1 grams of MDMA.

Undercover cops claim that they tried to arrange another sale with Fodor at the Silver Cloud Hotel on January 9th. Fodor was arrested at that hotel after he and Andrea Irene Berendsen, 26, were allegedly seen carrying a backpack and tackle box into the hotel lobby.

Investigators searched Fodor and Berendsen and allegedly discovered seven bundles of cocaine weighing four grams, several packages containing an unknown white powder weighing 31.7 grams and a scale with suspected narcotics residue.

Fodor and Berendsen were booked into the King County Jail on January 10th.