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Jorge Masvidal to Conor McGregor: Take your time, ‘I’ll f-ck up Usman’ for the time being

“When you feel you’re ready for it, let’s do it. I’ll go [expletive] up [welterweight champion Kamaru] Usman, meanwhile.”

Jorge Masvidal is a little disappointed Conor McGregor didn’t ‘cut the sickest promo of his life’ by calling him out at UFC 246, but ‘Gamebred’ is more than happy to put a beating on Kamaru Usman for the time being.

Speaking on a recent episode of ESPN’s Le Batard and Friends STUpodity podcast (h/t Andrew McNicol of South China Morning Post), Masvidal credited McGregor for his first-round TKO win over Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 and believes fighting the Irishman after he’s disposed of Usman will make for ‘the biggest fight in combat sports’.

“He’s talking a lot of [expletive] – he doesn’t want this,” Masvidal said said. “He could have cut the sickest promo of his life and had everyone talking about it.

“We kind of understand where he’s going. There are certain things he said on the microphone like he doesn’t feel he’s up to speed and needs to work on this or that. I get it, man. Go back in there, there’s no rush.

“When you feel you’re ready for it, let’s do it. I’ll go [expletive] up [welterweight champion Kamaru] Usman, meanwhile.”

“He looked good and a considerable size from before … a lot of the stuff he’s always done he’s really good at.

“He brings great speed to this weight class… and there’s some elements that I bring that he’s never in his [expletive] life experiences. Like the sheer power that I have and explosion. If I explode in his face, it’s game over, man. He’s never felt power like this in his whole life. The biggest fight in combat sports to make is that fight. Conor’s been out for a while, he’s up another weight class … let the guy get his groove. I’ll still be winning, then he’ll be knocking on my door.”

Masvidal last fought at UFC 244, where he thrashed Nate Diaz enroute to a third round stoppage victory (doctor stoppage) to be crowned the promotion’s first-ever ‘BMF’ champion.